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Algebra 2

Last week! We'll do an investigation on Mon & Tue and finish things up with a review on Thu. Note the special schedule. If you would like to get started on the investigation early, or if you will not be in class on Mon or Tue next week, you can download the investigation here and complete it on your own. With focus it should take no more than 90 minutes. See you in class.
Mr. Alei

Algebra 2 Assignments: Week of 5/20/13         (Last Week- 5/13/13)

Mon & Tue 5/20 & 21: (Monday will be Wed Schedule - I block will meet!)
Dice Roll Investigation in class.
HW: Complete Final Exam Study Guide
Wed 5/22: Field Day & Yearbook Signing - no class
Thu 5/23: Monday schedule - A & I meet
Review, complete Final Exam Study Guide, prepare formula sheet
Tue 5/28: Final Exam

The fine print: See sidebar at right for links to previous assignments. Click on linked assignments to download notes for that section.  Dates above are when homework is assigned.  It is always due on the following class meeting.
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