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High Level Year 2

Class will meet until your Paper 3. I'd like to see you all on Monday, after that it's up to you. See you in class,
Mr. Alei

HL 2: Week of 5/13/13        (Last Week - 5/6/13)

Coming up
Tue 5/21: Paper 3 Exam in the pm. Come in with questions beforehand.
Graduation, summer, college and LAUGHS (Life After U Graduate High School)!

Paper 3 Review Exams:
May 2009, Paper 3
November 2009, Paper 3
May 2010, Paper 3
May 2011, Paper 3
Previous practice problems       Markscheme
Core Separable DE problems       Markscheme

The fine print: See sidebar at right for links to previous assignments. Click on linked assignments to download notes for that section.  Dates above are when homework is assigned.  It is always due on the following class meeting.
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