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Algebra 2 IB Classes
Alg 2 Online Text
Alg 2 Website
Alg 2 Course Overview
Alg 2 MYP Rubric
Notes: (Updated as we cover the material)
Scatter Plots
Quadratic graphing
General Haese & Harris SL Text
Haese & Harris HL Text
Exeter Math Year 1
Exeter Math Year 2
Exeter Math Year 3
Exeter Math Year 4
IB Notation Summary
IB Student Web Page
Nice IB Math Notes
Calculus programs for TI-84
SL 1SL 1 Course Overview
IB SL 1 Syllabus
IB SL 1 Formula Sheet
SL 2SL 2 Course Overview
IB SL 2 Syllabus
IB SL 2 Formula Sheet
May 2011 TZ1 Subject Report
May 2011 TZ2 Subject Report
SL2 IA: Lacsap's Fractions
SL2 IA: Gold Medal Heights
Examples of good Type II Assessments
SL IA Guidance
SL Assessment Criteria
Skills Practice!
>One min drill
>10 Random
>Practice one number
>Practice a number
>More choices
>Arithmetic Practice
HLHL 2 Course Overview
IB HL Syllabus
HL Formula Sheet
HL1 IA: Shadow Functions
HL IA Guidance
HL Assessment Criteria
Option 10 Text
Option 10 Answers
Pre-DPPre DP Course Overview
Updated Exeter Problem List V.2
My 2011-12 Web Site
TOK Links
Math is Art! Just ask Vi Hart
Geogebra - Learn it!
Kahn Academy online lectures
A nice PDF reader from Foxit Software
Download Microsoft Math 4.0
Wolfram Math
Full Blast Math Dictionary
Online scientific calculator
Simple online graphing calculator
Graphing Calculator 1
Graphing Calculator 2
Graph Systems of Linear <>!
Trig Without Tears (a great reference)
Fractal Resources
General Graph Paper
Graph Paper w/Tables
Graph Paper w/Number Lines
NM Math Standards!