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Fractal Resources

This post is dedicated to links and information about fractals, one of the most amazing ideas in geometry.

Nova program: A great video introduction. About an hour.
Companion website: Some nice activities and background.

Software downloads:
Great programs from The Fractal Foundation: Links to various fractal software – mostly free. I recommend XaoS as a starting point.
Fractal Explorer: Like the name says, a fractal explorer. Interface is less intuitive than XaoS, but it has a few more features. No link on the FractalFoundation site.
More Fractal Software: Another compilation of a boatload of fractal generating software.

The Fractal Foundation: Based in Albuquerque. Jonathan Wolfe director. Educational & promotional content, activities, lots of links and info.
A Complete Online Fractal Course: From the Fractal Foundation - very informative.
Skytopia: British. David White. Great intro and detail on cutting edge 3D activity. 3D Mandelbulbs and some awesome pictures.
Mandelbrot Orbits:Something I put together from Geometer's Sketchpad. See also the Periodic Orbits section of this.

FractalForums: What seems to be the preeminent fractal discussion forum.

Animations & Art:
Rena Jones - Open me slowly
Slideshow: One of many cool YouTube slideshows of fractals set to music. Explore YouTube – there are hundreds!
Videos: A set of amazing 2 and 3D animations.
A cool Mandelbrot zoom
Fast zoom 10^275!
27 min HD Mandelbrot Tour! - for your screensaver
3D Sampler