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SL 2 - 2/4/13

We'll finish up the fundamentals of derivatives on Monday with further examination of the second derivative. Then it's on the derivatives of other functions, beginning with exponentials and logs. We'll have a quiz on Friday on the foundations of derivatives, but it won't cover exponentials or logs. See you in class,
Mr. Alei

SL 2 Schedule: Week of 2/4/13         (Last Week - 1/28/13)

Mon 2/4:
18F.1: #2defgh (Inflection points)
18F.2: #1bc,2 (Curve relationships)
Wed 2/6:
19A: #1dhlop,2efg,3def,4,6,7bd (Derivatives of Exponents)
19B: #1cdgh,2,3befgh,4,5,7 (Working with Logs)
Fri 2/8: Quiz on Derivative Foundations
19C: #1jklmn,2ghi,3fghi,4,6 (Derivatives of Logs)
QB: 9*(a-d.iii)

Calculus Unit Plan (Updated 1/20/13)
Smartboard Notes
Calculus - Differentiation
Calculus - Differentiation Applications
IB Practice:
IB Calculus Practice        MarkScheme

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