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Pre-DP - 4/29/13

We'll discuss problems on Monday (while some students make up the exam), and then return the exams and go through them on Tuesday. Ideas continue on with trig this week. See you in class,
Mr. Alei

Pre-DP Assignments: Week of 4/29/13         (Last Week - 4/22/13)

Mon 4/29: Discuss Ex 3: 22.02,22.05,23.02,23.04,23.05,23.06,24.06,24.08
Tue 4/30: Discuss Ex 3: Ex 3: 24.09,25.04,26.02,26.03,26.05,26.10,27.02,27.03
Thu 5/2: Discuss Ex 3: 27.05,27.09,28.02,28.03,28.05,28.06,29.03,29.04

Coming up:
Mon 5/6: Discuss Ex 3: 29.06,30.01,30.02,30.06,30.07,30.08,30.09,30.10

Quarter 4 Exeter Problem List

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