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SL 2 - 4/8/13

We finish up our work on probability distributions this week with exploration of normal distributions. We'll have a quiz on this mini-unit next Tuesday, 4/17. Meanwhile, you should also be doing as many general review problems from the practice exams as you can to help focus our review time. See you in class.
Mr. Alei

SL 2 Schedule: Week of 4/8/13         (Last Week - 4/1/13)

Mon 4/8: (Dance-a-thon - short period)
24B.1: #1-9 (Normal distribution)
24B.2: #1-3 (Probabilities using calculator)
QB #10ab,13,14,15 (IB Practice)
Wed 4/10:
24C.1: #1-6 (Standard Normal Distribution (Z) – using tables)
24C.2: #1-3 (Standardizing any normal distribution)
QB #7,8,11,16 (IB Practice)
Fri 4/12:
24D: #1-4 (Quantiles & k-Values – using inverse tables)
24E: #1-9 (Applications of Normal Distribution)

Random Variable Unit Plan
Differentiation Unit Quiz MarkScheme
Smartboard Notes
Random Variables
Calculus - Differentiation
Calculus - Differentiation Applications
Calculus - Differentiating other functions
Calculus - Integration
IB Practice:
IB Random Variable Practice        MarkScheme
IB Calculus Practice        MarkScheme
More IB Calculus Practice (0607)        MarkScheme
Course Review - practice exams:
May 09, Paper 1, Time Zone 1
May 09, Paper 2, Time Zone 1
May 10, Paper 1, Time Zone 1
May 10, Paper 2, Time Zone 1

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