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SL 2 - 10/15/12

Monday we'll review and prepare for our Trig Unit test on Wed. Use your judgment and discretion on HW. Pick the areas that you need practice on and spend an hour each night minimum. I suggest doing all questionbank problems as they are more integrated. If there's a skill that you notice you need some work on, go to that section in H&H for explanations and a few practice problems. If you've done all the QB problems, go back through them to try to summarize lessons learned. See you in class,
Mr. Alei

SL 2 Assignments: Week of 10/15/12         (Last week - 10/8/12)

Mon 10/15: Selective review. Choose from:
H&H Review Sets Chapters 9 & 10 (focus mostly on 10)
QB Problems. Suggestions: #7,8 (skip e & f),11,16,19,28,31,35,42,52
Wed 10/17: Trig Unit Test
I will also hand out the prompts for your next IA which we will begin officially on Monday next week.
Fri 10/19: No School: Head's Holiday (get it head's on holiday)

Trig Unit Plan               Trig Without Tears (a good reference)
Smartboard Notes:
Ch 8-9: Triangle Trig
Ch 10: Function Trig
IB Practice: QB Trig Practice       MarkScheme
Breakdown of Trig Questionbank Practice Problems
Unit circle: 67
Arc & Sector: 3,10,13,17,20,27,33,37,43,45,55,58,69,74,77
Cosine Rule: 1,4,5,14,17,19,22,43,46,53,60,73
Sine Rule: 5,22,32,39,49,50,57,68(3D)
Area of triangle: 24,29,53
Graphs: 6,11,18,21,23,25,28,31,34,35,40,47,48,59,62,64,66,70,71,72,78
Trig equation: 16,26,30,36,42,51,52,54,61,63,65
Double Angle: 2
Quadratic: 7,76
Comprehensive: 8,15,44,56
Vector connection: 38,75
Wrong set - Skip these: 9,12,41

The fine print: See sidebar at right for links to previous assignments. Click on linked assignments to download notes for that section.  Dates above are when homework is assigned.  It is always due on the following class meeting.
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